Business Valuation

We deliver a robust data-driven business
valuation using big-data and sophisticated
software to give you a strong and independent
starting position for negotiation with investors


We deliver a robust business
valuation using big-data and
sophisticated software

Business Valuation Services For Startups and Scale-Ups Seeking Investment

Our business valuation service delivers a robust and independent valuation so that founders and business owners can pitch for investment with confidence and negotiate the very best deal. We understand that every business is different, which is why we use five different valuation methods to deliver a robust and transparent business valuation.

business valuation services

They are phenomenal! Always first class and with happy clients. After going through a few different providers, they are the only ones who can get the job done.


They are phenomenal! Always first class and with happy clients. After going through a few different providers, they are the only ones who can get the job done.


Our Business Valuation Advisory Services

Understanding the true value of your company is essential when negotiating with potential investors because it directly impacts the equity you offer and the funding you secure. Our team of experts uses a combination of financial analysis, market research and industry benchmarks to provide you with a comprehensive and accurate valuation report. 

By partnering with us, startups gain a competitive edge in investor discussions, demonstrating transparency, credibility and a clear understanding of their worth. Whether you’re in the early stages or preparing for a significant funding round, our PitchReady service empowers you to make informed financial decisions and maximise your potential for attracting the right investors.

Startup Business Valuation Services

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– How It Works –

Business Valuation Services

We produce a data-driven valuation using sophisticated software and big data – alongside inputs from your business plan and financial projections – to determine your valuation using five different valuation methods.

We use a weighted average of these valuations determined by your stage of development to form your overall company value. This gives you a third-party independent assessment of your company valuation and a better negotiating position with investors.

Method One

Scorecard Method

This method assesses a startup’s qualitative traits in comparison to a set of comparable companies. Each trait is scored and weighted, impacting the startup’s pre-money valuation.

Method Two

Checklist Method

Here we value businesses and startups based on intangible criteria. The startup’s qualitative traits are evaluated against ideal traits, determining portions of the maximum pre-money valuation.

Method Three

VC Method

The VC method calculates a startup’s valuation to ensure investors receive an adequate return at a future projected exit. It uses industry-based EBITDA multiples and adjusts for risk and development stage.

Method Four

Discounted Cash Flow with Long-Term Growth

Discount Cash Flow methods calculate a startup’s valuation by discounting projected free cash flows to equity based on risk factors, industry, size, and profitability. The long-term growth approach assumes perpetual growth of cash flows beyond projections and calculates the valuation accordingly.

Method Five

Discounted Cash Flow with Multiples

A common approach in private company valuation, this valuation method discounts future cash flows based on risk factors, industry, size, and profitability. However, the multiples approach computes the valuation based on industry EBITDA multiples, assuming it equals the exit value of the company.

The use of several business valuation methods is best practice because looking at the business from different perspectives gives a more comprehensive and reliable view. Our methods are compliant with IPEV (International Private Equity Valuation) Guidelines.

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Why Use Business Valuation Services?

A free online business valuation calculator can give you a good idea of the value of your business, but if you’re seeking investment, and developing your pitch assets, you will need a more robust valuation to back you up in investor negotiations. 

Startups and small businesses seeking investment should really consider using a company that specialises in creating business valuations for investment pitching. 

A professionally prepared valuation adds credibility and transparency to your fundraising efforts, instilling confidence in potential investors. It also ensures that you don’t undervalue your business, allowing you to negotiate favourable terms. 

A robust valuation also helps you align your funding goals with realistic expectations as well as demonstrate a commitment to sound financial planning, which can be a valuable asset when attracting investors who seek well-prepared, data-driven investment opportunities. 

In a competitive investment landscape, a well-executed business valuation can make your business stand out and increase your chances of securing the capital needed for growth.

business valuation services

What our clients say

about our business valuation services


The PitchReady service is simply superlative! Not even one mistake or imperfection. They are not simply writing what you want but they help you understand and refine what investors need to know about your company.

Adriano Antimi, Tourmake

I felt as if I was working with my own extended team who offered professionalism, the right experience and the level of commitment that I needed to promote my investment opportunity. I now feel empowered and more confident when talking about my business.

Barbara Burton, BehindBras
Arron Bowman Smith

“Robot Mascot validated our vision – pumping a protein shake into our business plan and the potential value of the business – which was huge. Working with them was a special moment for me.”

Arron Bowman-Smith, InstaWow

“Not only was the work of a great standard, but I feel more confident as a result. I could never have pulled together even 10% of this on my own. When you see the work that goes into the project, you suddenly understand why 99% of founders fail to raise investment!”

Claire Turpin, Contur
Mo Uz

“It’s been a great experience and I feel so much more confident in my business model. I’ve been thoroughly impressed throughout the process and even secured two investors within a week!”

Mohammad Uz-Zaman, ADL Estate Planning
Richard Eaton Pedal

The Robot Mascot team are exceptional at what they do. They really do care about you raising investment, they don’t just say it. If you care about getting backed, then this team are for you.

Richard Eaton, Pedal
Esteban Lupin

“The work produced was very professional. My partners and I were blown away by the result. We sent it immediately to 2 investors and have been invited in for 2 meetings within 2 days of completing the project!”

Esteban Lupin, CoolBytz
Adam Graham

“Really impressed – the business plan, financial model and structuring of the narrative was excellent.”

Adam Graham, Just Fix

Case Studies

business plan writing services

“We’re really happy with the outcome. Totally worth the investment and much better than we could have achieved ourselves. Working with Robot Mascot allowed us to focus on developing our tech, rather than all the investment documents.”


“We’re really happy with the outcome. Totally worth the investment and much better than we could have achieved ourselves. Working with Robot Mascot allowed us to focus on developing our tech, rather than all the investment documents.”


Top five reasons our clients work with us

They’re missing the expertise in their team to create their fundraising assets

They’re lacking the time to focus on creating their fundraising assets

They’ve never raised investment before, and need some support and guidance

They realise that externally verified assets increase their credibility

They’re not sure how to best prepare themselves for investment

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Where Does Business Valuation Fit Into Investment Readiness?

For startups seeking investment, business valuation plays a pivotal role within the broader context of investment readiness. Here’s how it fits in:

Business valuation helps startups set realistic investment targets. By knowing the true worth of the company, entrepreneurs can approach potential investors with a clear understanding of how much equity they are willing to part with in exchange for funding. This ensures that negotiations are grounded in data and transparency.

Accurate valuation attracts the right investors. Investors are more likely to take an interest in startups that demonstrate a well-thought-out valuation, as it reflects a commitment to sound financial planning. This can help attract investors who are aligned with the startup’s goals and vision.

A precise valuation empowers startups to negotiate favourable investment terms. Armed with a credible valuation report, entrepreneurs can engage in negotiations from a position of strength, safeguarding their equity while securing the necessary capital for growth.

An independently prepared business valuation from a company like Robot Mascot enhances a startup’s credibility. It provides potential investors with confidence in the startup’s financial transparency and professionalism. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of securing investment.

For investors, a robust business valuation is crucial in making informed investment decisions. It allows them to assess the startup’s true value and potential for growth, guiding them in allocating their capital wisely among various investment opportunities.

Accurate valuation assists both startups and investors in risk mitigation. Startups can avoid overvaluation, which may lead to unrealistic expectations, while investors can assess the risks associated with their investment in relation to the expected returns.

Valuation aligns with the startup’s growth strategies. It ensures that the capital sought from investors corresponds with the company’s growth plans, whether for product development, market expansion, or scaling operations.

Let’s get you pitch ready, and give you the very best chance of success.

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