Free Stuff

Power-ups to help your business boom

Free Stuff

Power-ups to help your business boom

Free Resources for Entrepreneurs and Startups

This is a collection of free resources for entrepreneurs and startups to help you tackle specific areas of business growth, from preparing for funding to briefing creative projects.

As experts in helping businesses secure investment, we know building a business is a rewarding experience, but running a business can also be tough. It’s a lot of work, and sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re on track. That’s why we’ve made it easier by sharing as much of our insider knowledge, free resources, and downloadable templates as we possibly can.

As well as these resources, we also have lots of helpful articles on the topics of raising investment and building a successful high-growth business. Browse our articles here.

Free book: Investable Entrepreneur

Investable Entrepreneur was written by Robot Mascot co-founder James Church and unpacks our market-leading methodology, ‘The Six Principles of the Perfect Pitch’. This method will help you make your pitch compelling and hook investor interest.

Free online tool: PitchReady scorecard

Take less than four minutes to discover whether your business would catch an investor’s interest and money. Our free PitchReady™ Scorecard is proven to work and it’s 100% tailored to your business.

Art and Communication Podcast

Robot Mascot founder Nicolas Ruston interviews experts from the world of art, design, business, and science to explore contemporary design and communication theory, how brands get it wrong and how they get it right.

free business plan template

Free business plan template for investment

Our free business plan template is designed for UK startups and entrepreneurs. It offers insightful instructions about layout, structure and what to include in each section to help you cover everything an investor will expect to see.

financial forecast template

Free financial projection template

Our downloadable five-year financial projection template and calculator is designed for UK startups and entrepreneurs to help convince investors that your business idea is one to back.

competitor analysis business plan template

Free competitor analysis template

Our downloadable competitor analysis template offers insightful instructions about how to gather information about your competitors and assists you in assigning each competitor a ‘score’ to accurately benchmark them against your business.

free startup business value proposition template

Free value proposition template

Our value proposition template will help you create an exceptional value proposition statement that perfectly reflects your business. Explore your products and services and how they compare to your competitors and connect with your customers.

creative brief template

Free creative brief template for founders

Our free creative brief template will help you better brief designers and agencies, so you can be sure you give them the right instructions to complete your creative design project efficiently and effectively.

startup equity dilution calculator

Free equity dilution calculator

Our free equity dilution calculator will help you determine how much equity you need to sell for a round of investment and understand how your valuation will change based on the investment you receive and the equity sold.

month on month growth calculator

Free monthly growth rate calculator

Our free monthly growth rate calculator, calculates the percentage increase or decrease in a particular metric on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Businesses commonly use the calculator to convert their performance metrics, such as revenue, users, or website traffic from annual to monthly and quarterly targets or vice versa.

business startup valuation calculator

Free valuation calculator download

Our free valuation calculator, is a powerful but simple tool that uses the Venture Capital valuation method to calculate your current valuation so you can pitch with confidence to investors knowing your valuation will deliver them the returns they are looking for. 

cap table template download

Free cap table template download

Our free Cap Table Template helps you calculate and outline the ownership structure of your business. This tool is essential during financial transactions like fundraising, equity sales, issuance of new shares, or acquisition.

Are you Pitch Ready?

Join our complementary fundraising strategy session and learn the methodology behind the best-selling book Investable Entrepreneur, an approach that results in founders being 40x more likely to raise investment.

Posters and Models

Below is a collection of posters and models for startup founders, they accompany the audio book of Investable Entrepreneur. These poster downloads include our flagship methodologies; The Six Principles of the Perfect Pitch, The Fundraising Journey and the Five Acts of the Perfect Pitch, as well as the VC Power Law.

The Six Principles Of The Perfect Pitch

Structure your pitch for effective communication and persuasion by following these essential principles.

The Fundraising Journey

Explore the fundraising journey to better understand the process, timelines and steps you must take to secure funding, from bootstrapping and startup to scaling and exit.

The Five Acts of the Perfect Pitch

Understand the five essential elements of the perfect fundraising and investment pitch, from ‘the hook’ through to ‘the ask’. Use this to guide the structure of your pitch deck to ensure your grab, hold and leverage investor attention.

The Venture Capital Power Law

This graphic helps to illustrate the investment thesis of VC funds. The VC power law explains how investors make the majority of their returns from the minority of their investment portfolio.

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