O7O aims to make buying a secondhand bike and accessories stress-free. They provide a safe platform for vetted used bike sales and overstock cycling goods. They also create good relationships between cyclists and their local bike shops.


  • Business Plan

  • Financial Projections

  • Pitch Deck

  • Valuation

The Result

“I wanted to create a classy, accurate and trustworthy range of presentation decks for raising investment. I was recommended to Robot Mascot via an app developer friend, and I was instantly impressed with their knowledge and expertise in creating investor decks.

From the very first call they clearly understood me and my recent frustrations with other agencies , and also understood my limitations. I was reassured that Robot Mascot would be able to walk me through the whole process – they weren’t wrong!

I am very happy with the project. All of the assets are a true representation of me, the brand, our ethos and the thrust of the business within the market. Everyone I have shown the decks to is impressed. I now only have myself to blame if I don’t get this project off the ground!

I now know where to turn to in the future when I want to raise finance – but beyond that I also know that I can seek advice from the Robot Mascot team. They have the resources and people to help with whatever issues I may encounter. I trust them.”

Greg Anderson, Founder, O7O

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