Getting you

We create the critical fundraising assets
needed for your investor pitch so you can
convince investors your business is the
one to back

Getting you

We create the critical
fundraising assets needed
for your investor pitch so
you can convince investors your
business is the one to back

Investor Pitch Services: Convince investors your business is the one to back

Our PitchReady package delivers a compelling business case through investor pitch assets that convince investors. We specialise in crafting believable business plans, credible financial projections and persuasive investor pitch materials, so you’re in a much better position to secure the vital funds you need to grow. In fact, our clients are 40x more likely to raise investment when we employ our market-leading strategy.

investor pitch services for startups

Robot Mascot’s investor pitch services are vital. I see hundreds of startup pitches a month, and ultimately it’s the founder’s ability to pitch their idea with clarity, backed up by a sound strategy and credible financial forecasts, that decides whether I invest or not.


Robot Mascot’s investor pitch services are vital. I see hundreds of startup pitches a month, and ultimately it’s the founder’s ability to pitch their idea with clarity, backed up by a sound strategy and credible financial forecasts, that decides whether I invest or not.


– How Our Investor Pitch Services Work –

Getting you Pitch Ready

Raising investment is tough, on average just 1% succeed. Through our global-award-winning methodology, we ensure your business case holds up to investor scrutiny. We then create all the critical fundraising assets you need to convince investors that your business is the one to back – including your investor pitch, financial projections and business plan.

Business Plan Service

Stage 1: Perfect Plan

We’ll start by getting under the skin of your current business strategy. We’ll work with you to identify any red flags and gaps that may hinder your progress with investors, before making suggestions on how you can deliver the most compelling arguments to win their support. We’ll formalise this strategy through a consistent and credible startup business plan that meets investor expectations and holds up to scrutiny.

Stage 2: Perfect Projections

Using the credible and researched assumptions from the business plan, alongside their own experience and expertise, our team of seasoned financial strategists will craft a set of financial projections that forecast your business growth for five years. We’ll map out your income and expenditure, cash flow and balance sheet movements for the next five years, and deliver a set of vital metrics needed for investors to make an informed decision.

Stage 3: Perfect Pitch

Backed up by insights from the plan and projections, we’ll produce a set of convincing and compelling investor pitch materials that quickly and clearly explain to investors what makes your idea special, and why they should invest. By using our investor pitch services, your pitch deck will clearly articulate your value proposition and onboard investors in your vision, while also expressing you have the strategy in place to deliver a return on their investment.

Investor Outreach

Stage 4: Investor Outreach

Once you’re fully prepared to raise investment – with your business plan, projections and investor pitch in place – we’ll begin a phase of investor outreach, delivering hundreds of engagements from investors and high-net-worth individuals. We’ll use the content of your investor pitch materials to craft a compelling email outreach message for investors, driving deck engagements and meeting requests.

Are you Pitch Ready?

Join our complementary fundraising strategy session and learn the methodology behind the best-selling book Investable Entrepreneur, an approach that results in founders being 40x more likely to raise investment.

What our clients say

About our investor pitch services


The PitchReady service is simply superlative! Not even one mistake or imperfection. They are not simply writing what you want but they help you understand and refine what investors need to know about your company.

Adriano Antimi, Tourmake

I felt as if I was working with my own extended team who offered professionalism, the right experience and the level of commitment that I needed to promote my investment opportunity. I now feel empowered and more confident when talking about my business.

Barbara Burton, BehindBras
Arron Bowman Smith

“Robot Mascot validated our vision – pumping a protein shake into our business plan and the potential value of the business – which was huge. Working with them was a special moment for me.”

Arron Bowman-Smith, InstaWow

“Not only was the work of a great standard, but I feel more confident as a result. I could never have pulled together even 10% of this on my own. When you see the work that goes into the project, you suddenly understand why 99% of founders fail to raise investment!”

Claire Turpin, Contur
Mo Uz

“It’s been a great experience and I feel so much more confident in my business model. I’ve been thoroughly impressed throughout the process and even secured two investors within a week!”

Mohammad Uz-Zaman, ADL Estate Planning
Richard Eaton Pedal

The Robot Mascot team are exceptional at what they do. They really do care about you raising investment, they don’t just say it. If you care about getting backed, then this team are for you.

Richard Eaton, Pedal
Esteban Lupin

“The work produced was very professional. My partners and I were blown away by the result. We sent it immediately to 2 investors and have been invited in for 2 meetings within 2 days of completing the project!”

Esteban Lupin, CoolBytz
Adam Graham

“Really impressed – the business plan, financial model and structuring of the narrative was excellent.”

Adam Graham, Just Fix

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Case Studies

They are phenomenal! Always first class and with happy clients. After going through a few different providers, they are the only ones who can get the job done.


They are phenomenal! Always first class and with happy clients. After going through a few different providers, they are the only ones who can get the job done.


Investors don’t back entrepreneurs, they back investable entrepreneurs

An alarming number of entrepreneurs fail to raise investment, despite more money than ever being invested into startups. The reason for this is simple: entrepreneurs don’t speak the language of investors. 

Entrepreneurs speak about ideas, possibilities and opportunities, whereas investors prefer to speak about risk, implementation and proof. The 1% of entrepreneurs who do succeed at raising investment are the ones who are able to bridge this gap. The one thing that sets this elite group apart from the 99% who fail isn’t their idea, but their ability to speak the language of investors.

Investors hold all the cards – it’s on the founder to make sure they speak to them in their terms, delivering the information they’re looking for in the way they’re looking for it. When you’re able to do this, you position yourself in the top few percent of founders raising investment – you position yourself as an investable entrepreneur and increase your chances by up to 40x.

Top five reasons our clients work with us

They’re missing the expertise in their team to create their fundraising assets

They’re lacking the time to focus on creating their fundraising assets

They’ve never raised investment before, and need some support and guidance

They realise that externally verified assets increase their credibility

They’re not sure how to best prepare themselves for investment

Get the book

Investable Entrepreneur takes you through our winning methodology – the process we use to increase our client’s chances of raising investment by more than 40x.

“This book will help you translate your entrepreneurial vision into something investors can get behind.”

Daniel Priestley, CEO and founder, Dent Global and four times best-selling business author

Investor Pitch FAQ

Pitching your startup effectively is crucial for attracting investors. There’s a lot to say on this subject, but here’s our signature pitch structure called The 5 Acts of The Perfect Pitch. 

  • The hook
    At this initial stage, your sole purpose is to get investors excited about your big idea. We help you do this by showing them the most powerful or emotive aspect of your business.
  • The essence
    Here you set the scene and give the investors an overview of your business. By the end of the act they need to understand what you do and why you do it.
  • The evidence
    This is the climax where you deliver the killer blow. We will help you prove that your product is in demand using the evidence you have gathered from your product/market fit experiment.
  • The plan
    Here, you show that you have credible plans for future business growth, that you fully understand the financial risks involved and that you have plotted the business’ route to success.
  • The ask
    Finally, we will help you persuade the investors to act. You may ask directly for the amount of investment you’re seeking, or give details of how to get in touch to discuss the investment opportunity further.

 If you want more in-depth advice on how to pitch a startup, head to our Articles section.

Successfully pitching a business idea to investors requires preparation, passion, and precision. Remember, investors receive countless pitches, so yours needs to stand out while also conveying viability and potential for high returns. 

At Robot Mascot, we do this by developing the Three Critical Fundraising Assets. In summary:

  • Asset 1: Pitch Materials
    The first asset you’ll need to convince investors and show that you’re an investable entrepreneur is your pitch materials. The pitch is the first thing an investor will ask for. It demonstrates that you’re resourceful. It showcases your ability to communicate with clarity and to enrol people into your vision. You’ll need to produce a range of pitch materials to run an effective fundraising campaign. Everyone always thinks of the pitch deck. However, you’ll need to use three different types of pitch deck during your investment campaign; on top of that you’ll need a one-pager and an expression of interest form.
  • Asset 2: Financial projections
    The projections show that you understand the financial risk involved and the potential rewards available for taking those risks. They’ll map out the spending commitments you’ve made in your business plan for at least the next five years, and plot your projected customer acquisition, revenues and profits over the same period. As investors study your projections, they’ll look for metrics such as cashflow, burn rate, cost per customer acquisition and other indicators of the current and future performance of the business.
  • Asset 3: Business plan
    Investors want to know that you’ve considered how you’re going to reach your goals. It’s the business plan that demonstrates your understanding of the commercial viability of your idea as well as the route to achieving commercial success. In essence, your plan should document where your company is now, where it’s heading and how it will get there. Without first considering your business plan, it’s near impossible to create credible pitch and projection assets. The plan is your chance to show how you’ll create the demand for your product or service, what systems and processes you’ll need in place to adequately manage your operations, which markets and territories you’ll operate in and when you plan to launch in them.

There’s more to successfully pitching your business idea to investors and raising investment than the pitch deck itself, that pitch has to be based on a credible set of projections and a believable business plan. And we will help you develop that.

This is just a brief overview of how to pitch a business idea. You can find lots of valuable advice on pitching in our Articles section.

Founders embarking on creating their pitch deck for investors for the first time often find themselves staring blankley at an empty powerpoint slide wondering where to start. Creating a winning pitch starts with the preparation. Here’s our signature method of developing the essential elements of a winning pitch tha we call The Six Principles of The Perfect Pitch:

  • Plan
    You should start with your business plan, not your pitch. The business plan is the foundation of a great pitch because it allows you to consider and showcase exactly how you plan to build your business, deliver commercial value and achieve a return on investors’ investment
  • Projections
    Once the business plan is in place you should craft a credible set of financial projections. The financial projections show that you understand the financial risks and rewards by mapping out, in financial terms, the impact your business plan will have on the growth of your business.
  • Structure
    Once the plan and projections are in place you’re ready to start shaping your pitch. You should start with the content structure. The structure determines which information from your business plan and financial projections to include in your pitch as well as the order in which they appear in the deck. This ensures that the deck is easy to follow and builds a strong narrative to the story of your business: the past, the present and its future.
  • Content
    Once you have your structure, you’re in a position to create the content that communicates each aspect of that information in a compelling and engaging way.
  • Clarity
    This process of review and refining ensures that every slide delivers exactly what it needs to. Is everything clear, concise and compelling?
  • Design
    While words are important, the design of your pitch deck is also essential – not least in helping to show complex processes and ideas, as well as grabbing the attention of investors.

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Let’s get you pitch ready, and give you the very best chance of success.

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