Preparing your
Perfect Projections

We help you develop your five-year financial
projections so you can convince investors your
business is the one to back.

your Perfect

We help you develop your
five-year financial projections so
you can convince investors your
business is the one to back.

Financial Projections Service: Craft credible financial projections

We support startups and business owners to craft credible financial projections for raising investment. We’ll perfect your financial projections, so you’re in a much stronger, and more confident position to secure the vital funds you need to grow. 

Your financial projections are a cornerstone in showcasing the potential and viability of your business to prospective investors. Our financial projections service employs a meticulous approach to craft forecasts that are both realistic and compelling. 

Our experienced team of financial strategists and investors ensure that your financial predictions are robust, understandable, and aligned with investor expectations.

financial projections for startups

“As a founding member of the 5th most active VC fund in Europe, we were assessing over 100 new business opportunities every week. I’m always impressed by a Robot Mascot financial model – it delivers investors all the information they’re looking for – in exactly the way they are looking for it”


“As a founding member of the 5th most active VC fund in Europe, we were assessing over 100 new business opportunities every week. I’m always impressed by a Robot Mascot financial model – it delivers investors all the information they’re looking for – in exactly the way they are looking for it”


– How It Works –

Financial Projection Services

Our financial projection assets have been created by investors for investors. Through our trusted and proven approach, we’ll deliver financial projections that live up to investor expectations, are consistent with your business plan and deliver key performance metrics that will put your business in a strong position to convince investors.

Financial Projections Service Stage 1

Stage 1: Discovery

First, our team of experts will work to understand your business model and clearly define how your startup or growing business intends to generate revenue. Next we investigate the size and growth rate of your target market to gauge potential revenue and customer base.

Financial Projections Service Stage 2

Stage 2: Revenue and Costs Estimation

Our experts work with you to break down and analyse your fixed costs, variable costs and initial business expenses to build a detailed picture of your revenue projections. We’ll estimate expected sales volume and revenue based on your business model and market research.

Financial Projections Service Stage 3

Stage 3: Projection Assets and Analysis

The next step is to show projected profitability over a set period, provide a detailed view of cash inflow and outflow, and determine when the business will begin to turn a profit post-investment. Our experts will develop your P&L projection, cash flow forecast and break-even analysis to show a revenue growth timeline. We’ll also create a rolling balance sheet and define key metrics.

Financial Projections Service Stage 4

Stage 4: Investment and Funding Plan

We’ll detail any significant future capital expenditure required to achieve your growth plans and consider the short and long-term capital requirements of the business – developing a robust funding plan in the process.

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What our clients say

about our financial projection services


The PitchReady service is simply superlative! Not even one mistake or imperfection. They are not simply writing what you want but they help you understand and refine what investors need to know about your company.

Adriano Antimi, Tourmake

I felt as if I was working with my own extended team who offered professionalism, the right experience and the level of commitment that I needed to promote my investment opportunity. I now feel empowered and more confident when talking about my business.

Barbara Burton, BehindBras
Arron Bowman Smith

“Robot Mascot validated our vision – pumping a protein shake into our business plan and the potential value of the business – which was huge. Working with them was a special moment for me.”

Arron Bowman-Smith, InstaWow

“Not only was the work of a great standard, but I feel more confident as a result. I could never have pulled together even 10% of this on my own. When you see the work that goes into the project, you suddenly understand why 99% of founders fail to raise investment!”

Claire Turpin, Contur
Mo Uz

“It’s been a great experience and I feel so much more confident in my business model. I’ve been thoroughly impressed throughout the process and even secured two investors within a week!”

Mohammad Uz-Zaman, ADL Estate Planning
Richard Eaton Pedal

The Robot Mascot team are exceptional at what they do. They really do care about you raising investment, they don’t just say it. If you care about getting backed, then this team are for you.

Richard Eaton, Pedal
Esteban Lupin

“The work produced was very professional. My partners and I were blown away by the result. We sent it immediately to 2 investors and have been invited in for 2 meetings within 2 days of completing the project!”

Esteban Lupin, CoolBytz
Adam Graham

“Really impressed – the business plan, financial model and structuring of the narrative was excellent.”

Adam Graham, Just Fix

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Case Studies

They are phenomenal! Always first class and with happy clients. After going through a few different providers, they are the only ones who can get the job done.


They are phenomenal! Always first class and with happy clients. After going through a few different providers, they are the only ones who can get the job done.


Your financial projections are a reflection of your entrepreneurial credibility

An alarming number of founders fail to raise investment. This isn’t because they have bad business ideas, it’s because they fail to communicate effectively with investors.

Investors want to invest in founders who understand the financial risks and rewards of their business. Those who have a credible plan for growth alongside strategies for mitigating investor risk. Your financial projections are therefore a vital tool for approaching investors. They’re not just a forecast of your venture’s economic potential and viability, but a tangible asset reflecting your financial acumen and credibility as a founder. 

A credible set of investor-ready financial projections demonstrates your understanding of the market dynamics, expenses and revenue streams at play in your business. Projections also act as a roadmap, indicating your business’s growth trajectory and anticipated profitability. By presenting well-researched and realistic financial forecasts, you not only underline your strategic preparedness but you also instil confidence in investors about the potential return on their investment. In essence, these projections bridge the gap between your startup’s vision and the quantifiable metrics that investors seek before committing funds.

Top five reasons our clients work with us

They’re missing the expertise in their team to create their fundraising assets

They’re lacking the time to focus on creating their fundraising assets

They’ve never raised investment before, and need some support and guidance

They realise that externally verified assets increase their credibility

They’re not sure how to best prepare themselves for investment

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Financial Projections Service FAQ

For startup founders, understanding the components of a financial forecast is critical not just for your internal planning but also for engaging potential investors. Here’s a breakdown of the core elements delivered through our financial projections service, and why they matter to those contemplating an investment in your venture:

Profit and Loss Forecast

This offers a snapshot of your startup’s profitability over a specific period. By detailing revenues, costs, and expenses, the P&L provides insights into operational efficiency and potential profitability, which are primary indicators of your venture’s sustainability and growth prospects.

Cash Flow Statement and Forecast

Cash is king, especially for startups. This statement tracks the movement of cash in and out of the business, offering clarity on liquidity and operational health. Investors scrutinise this to gauge if a startup can meet short-term financial obligations, especially during initial non-profitable phases.

Rolling Balance Sheet

Representing a startup’s financial position at a specific point in time; this statement details assets, liabilities, and equity. It offers investors a comprehensive view of the company’s net worth, resource allocation, and overall financial stability.

Funding Plan

Details the sources of your startup’s capital, be it equity, loans, or grants. It gives investors insights into your venture’s longer-term financial requirements, your plans for future investment rounds, and the potential dilution of shares.

Financial Commentary

Not every investor wants to delve deep into a spreadsheet straight away, and many investment funds employ junior analysts to review documents and create a shortlist. For both these reasons it’s important a founder has a written financial commentary that summarises the key information within the spreadsheet. It quickly gets an investor on board and helps junior analysts make the case to their superiors as to why they should meet with you.

When founders master the intricacies of these financial forecast elements, it not only boosts their confidence to pitch to investors, but also bolsters their appeal to investors, ensuring you’re able to demonstrate your financial credibility and convince investors that you can be trusted with their capital. 

A deep understanding of the business model is essential, guiding the entire forecasting process so we utilise the key components of your business plan, alongside our extensive forecasting experience, to develop a document that provides financial projections for investment.  Market research plays a key role in determining potential sales, while expenses, both fixed and variable, must be carefully considered and meticulously projected. Where possible, operational history and current performance data can be invaluable, offering insights into future performance.  

We use Microsoft Excel to craft our financial projections, as it’s the industry standard and widely recognised by most investors. Its compatibility with Google Sheets ensures flexibility, allowing edits on either platform. Upon project completion, we provide an editable Excel spreadsheet, enabling both you and your investors to make modifications and conduct in-depth analyses as needed.

Our best-selling book, Investable Entrepreneur explains that at a macro level, investors are looking for three things from your projections: growth, speed and exit.


Investors prioritise growth potential when examining financial projections because they’re looking for startups that show a promising increase in revenues, user base and market share over the forecasted period.

Speed of Growth

Investors look for companies that can achieve rapid growth in the early stages, as this can signify a strong product-market fit and efficient use of capital. The faster the growth, the quicker the return on investment.


Investors are looking for a 10x to 30x return on their investment at the time of exit, while VCs want to see the potential for 150x more.

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Absolutely. Presenting key metrics and ratios in your startup’s financial projections is essential. By pulling out key data in an easy-to-consume way via your investor-ready financial projections you can make an investor’s job easier – helping them warm to you.

Consider including:

  • Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)
    • This metric reveals the predictable and recurring revenue components of your business, which is particularly relevant for subscription-based models. A growing ARR indicates a consistent and scalable business model.
  • Gross Profit
    • This demonstrates the profitability of your core business operations, excluding other expenses. A healthy gross profit margin can reassure investors of your startup’s potential to achieve net profitability.
  • Lifetime Value (LTV)
    • LTV measures the total revenue you can expect from a single customer over the duration of their relationship with your business. A high LTV suggests strong customer loyalty and product value.
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
    • This metric indicates the cost to acquire a new customer. When juxtaposed with LTV, the LTV:CAC ratio gives insights into the return on investment in marketing and sales.
  • Customer Churn
    • Reflecting the percentage of customers who stop using your product or service over a given period, a low churn rate suggests customer satisfaction and product-market fit.
  • Burn Rate
    • This metric shows how quickly your startup is spending its capital. A sustainable burn rate is vital for the longevity of the business, especially before achieving profitability.
  • Margin
    • This ratio indicates the profitability of each sale after considering the cost of goods sold. A higher margin can indicate pricing power and operational efficiency.

Let’s get you pitch ready, and give you the very best chance of success.

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