We design great looking books and
brochures that tell your brand story
and engage your audience

We can write and design brochures, books, catalogues and flyers that can open doors, persuade, and change perceptions. We believe that receiving a piece of print should provoke a reaction, whatever the format.

Whether it’s a book jacket, exhibition catalogue, annual report or brochure design, a piece of print can provide something tangible to support your brand values.

We conceptualise each project with your target audience in mind. This allows us to flesh out a structure and consider the most suitable creative route. Doing the thinking upfront allows us to understand what works for you and will deliver the best results.

Robot Mascot have led the design and covers of several books I have been involved with. They have taken meticulous care to understand and develop the projects in unexpected but undeniably powerful ways. I have no hesitation in recommending them and I have often done so.
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