Develop Your Startup One-Pager


Develop Your Startup One-Pager


Develop Your Startup One-Pager

Startup One-Pager Services

At Robot Mascot we’ve supported thousands of founders to develop business plan assets including startup one-pagers.

We’ve supported founders from all over the world, helping them develop a startup one-pager via our global award-winning investor pitch service, PitchReady. As a result of our help in preparing their business plan assets including a startup one-pager, our founders find they are 40 times more likely to raise investment.

This page will tell you exactly what a startup one-pager needs to be, how we develop startup one-pagers and how to use yours when pitching for investment.

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What is the role of a startup one-pager when seeking funding?

The role of a startup one-pager when seeking funding is multifaceted and significant, acting as a concise and compelling introduction to your business for potential investors. Here’s a breakdown of its key functions:

First impression and attention grabber

Your one-pager serves as an initial touchpoint. It’s designed to grab the attention of potential investors, sparking interest in your startup. Given its brief nature, it must be striking and memorable, ensuring that investors are intrigued enough to want more information.

Executive summary

Think of your one-pager as an executive summary of your business and investment proposition. It distils the essence of your startup – covering the problem you’re solving, the solution you’re developing and your key differentiators in the market – into a digestible format. This succinct overview allows investors to quickly assess the potential fit with their investment criteria.

Communication of key information

Despite its brevity, your one-pager should effectively communicate important information about your startup. This includes your revenue model, marketing opportunity, unique selling points, current traction or milestones, and the expertise of your team. It’s a balancing act between being informative and concise.

Teaser for detailed discussions

Your startup’s one-pager acts as a teaser that leads to more detailed discussions and presentations. It’s not meant to answer all questions but to pique interest and open the door for deeper engagement, such as a full pitch presentation or a meeting.

Networking tool

In the context of networking events, the one-pager is an invaluable tool. It’s easily shareable and can be a quick reference for potential investors you meet in various settings. It’s more practical than a pitch deck in situations where time is limited and you need to communicate your business idea swiftly.

Clarity and focus

The process of creating a startup one-pager forces you, as an entrepreneur, to clarify and focus your thoughts. It requires you to think critically about what aspects of your startup are most compelling and deserving of highlighting. This exercise can be incredibly beneficial in refining your overall funding strategy.

Branding and aesthetic appeal

A well-designed one-pager also serves as a reflection of your startup’s brand. The visual appeal, along with the content, can convey your company’s professionalism and attention to detail. It’s an opportunity to leave a visual imprint of your brand identity with potential investors.

Follow-up and reference material

After initial meetings or conversations, the one-pager serves as a handy reference material for investors. It’s something they can refer back to when considering various investment opportunities and when discussing your startup with colleagues or partners.

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What’s in a startup one-pager?

Your one-pager will be different from others as your business and its proposition will be unique, but most one-pagers will include the following:

  • Company name and logo
  • Tagline or mission statement
  • Contact information
  • Founder(s) and key team members
  • Problem statement
  • Solution statement
  • Revenue model
  • Traction / Validation
  • Funding ask
  • Market Opportunity
  • Call to action

Startup one-pager examples

To give you an idea of what a startup’s one-pager might look like, explore these examples of one-pagers we’ve developed for clients:

Startup one-pager template

This startup one-pager template format effectively organises the key elements of a startup one-pager, making it clear and easy to understand each component’s purpose and content.

Element Description
Company name and logo Clearly display your startup’s name and logo to establish brand identity.
Tagline or mission statement A brief, impactful statement that encapsulates your startup’s mission or value proposition.
The problem Clearly define the problem you’re addressing.
The solution Describe your product or service and how it solves the identified problem.
Market opportunity Highlight the size and characteristics of the market you’re targeting, demonstrating the demand.
Revenue model Outline how your startup makes money, describing your revenue streams.
Traction and milestones Showcase any significant traction, achievements, or milestones your startup has reached.
The team Introduce key team members, highlighting their expertise and roles within the startup.
Funding needs State the amount of funding you’re seeking and its intended use.
Contact information Provide clear contact details for further inquiries or follow-up discussions.
Visual elements (optional) Include any charts, images, or graphics that can support and enhance your one-pager.

Are you Pitch Ready?

Join our complementary fundraising strategy session and learn the methodology behind the best-selling book Investable Entrepreneur, an approach that results in founders being 40x more likely to raise investment.

Getting your business ready: Understanding Investment Readiness

Before you consider pitching your business to investors, you must first ensure that your business is indeed ready for investment – that it is ‘investment ready’.

Investment readiness refers to the state in which a startup or business has prepared itself to be an attractive prospect for investors. Being ‘investment ready’ means a founder has all the elements in place that investors look for when considering whether to commit funds to a business – including a compelling startup one-pager.

There are investor readiness agencies for startups that can help businesses get ready for investment. We at Robot Mascot are one such company.

If you are seeking investment for your business and need help developing clear and articulate pitch materials why not get in touch?

Let’s get you investor ready, and give you the very best chance of securing the vital funds you need to grow.

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