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At Robot Mascot we’ve supported thousands of founders to develop pitch assets including designing investor pitch decks.

We’ve supported founders from all over the world, helping them design their investor pitch deck via our global award-winning investor pitch service, PitchReady. As a result of our help in preparing their business plan assets including investor pitch deck design, our founders find they are 40 times more likely to raise investment.

This page will tell you what an investor pitch deck needs to be and how we approach investment deck design.

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Why is pitch deck design important and how does it work?

Funding can be the lifeblood of a fledgling business and securing it often depends on the first impression your pitch deck makes. This important document transcends mere aesthetics, it embodies the essence of your business, weaving a compelling narrative that captures the imagination and confidence of potential investors. As such, understanding the importance of professional pitch deck design and its operational mechanics is fundamental for any startup looking to stand out in a crowded marketplace. And that’s what we do.

First impressions count

Within the initial moments of viewing your pitch deck, investors form a critical first impression. A well designed pitch deck, with a harmonious blend of visuals and content, ensures this impression is both positive and lasting. It’s not just about what you say, but how you present it.

Bringing stories to life with images

Every startup has a unique story: aspirations, challenges and triumphs. A well-designed pitch deck distils this narrative into a succinct, engaging format, making complex concepts easily digestible. It’s about crafting a journey that investors can envisage themselves joining.

Data visualisation

The adroit use of charts, graphs, and infographics transforms raw data into compelling visual stories. This not only aids in the comprehension of complex information but also highlights the analytical depth of your business proposition, showcasing your startup’s potential with clarity and impact.

Brand representation

Your pitch deck is a reflection of your brand’s identity. Through consistent use of colours, fonts, and imagery that align with your brand, the design of your pitch deck reinforces your business’s ethos and market positioning, making your startup memorable.

The key elements of pitch deck design


The structure of a pitch deck is its backbone, providing a logical flow that guides the audience through the presentation. This sequence ensures that the presentation builds momentum and leads naturally to the conclusion, making the case for investment.

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Content is the substance of the pitch deck, encompassing the information, data, and arguments that make the case for the startup’s value proposition.

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Engagement and storytelling

Effective pitch deck design leverages storytelling to engage the audience emotionally and intellectually. Storytelling can transform a standard presentation into an immersive experience, making the pitch more memorable and increasing the likelihood of investment.


Aesthetics play a critical role in pitch deck design, encompassing the visual elements that make the deck not only engaging but also memorable. This includes the use of colour, typography, imagery, and layout. Colours should reflect the brand’s identity and be used consistently throughout the deck.

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Visuals and data representation

Visuals, such as charts, graphs, and infographics, are powerful ways of presenting complex data in an accessible and engaging way. They help to break up text, add visual interest, and make statistical information easy to understand at a glance.

Consistency and branding

Consistency in design and alignment with the startup’s branding are vital for creating a professional and cohesive pitch deck. This includes consistent use of brand colours, fonts, and logo placement, ensuring that every slide reflects the startup’s identity and reinforces brand recognition. Consistency also applies to the tone of voice and style of the content, which should match the brand’s personality and values.

Why not listen to Robot Mascot’s Art & Communication Podcast to learn more.

How we design an investor pitch deck

As a pitch deck design consultant, we pride ourselves on a meticulous and collaborative approach to creating pitch deck designs that not only resonate with our clients’ visions but also captivate potential investors. While every pitch is different (because every business is different) below is an indicative process we follow when designing an investor pitch deck.

Discovery and strategy

Our journey begins with an in-depth understanding of your startup’s core objectives, target market and unique selling propositions. This phase is vital for aligning the pitch deck’s content and design with your business strategy.

Content development

Crafting the narrative comes next. This involves distilling your business idea into a structured storyline that flows logically, highlighting key points such as the problem, solution, market opportunity, business model, and financials.

Design and visualisation

With the narrative as the foundation, the actual design phase brings your story to life. This is where creativity meets strategy, with the use of thematic visuals, colour schemes, and typography that resonate with your brand and appeal to your target audience. Here are some of the design elements we address:

  • Thematic visuals
    We begin by selecting visuals that not only complement but also enhance your story. This involves choosing images, graphics, and icons that are thematic to your business’s sector and mission. Whether it’s sleek, modern illustrations for a tech startup or warm, inviting images for a consumer brand, the visuals are handpicked to evoke the right emotions and convey your message effectively.
  • Colour schemes
    Our choice of colour schemes is deeply intentional, aimed at invoking specific responses from your audience. We study colour psychology to select palettes that reflect your brand’s personality and values, whether it’s trust-inspiring blues, energetic oranges, or innovative purples.
  • Typography
    As a pitch deck design company, we carefully select fonts that align with your brand’s character and the tone of your message. From authoritative, bold typefaces for impactful statements to softer, approachable fonts for personal stories, our typography choices are designed to enhance readability and emotional impact.
  • Style of design
    Our design style is adaptive, reflecting the unique aspects of your business and its narrative. Whether your brand calls for a minimalist approach that speaks through simplicity and space, or a more complex, detailed style that showcases data and innovation, we tailor the design to suit. Our aim is to create a style that not only resonates with your audience but also differentiates your pitch from the competition.
  • Visual storytelling
    Visual storytelling means integrating data visualisation techniques like charts, graphs, and infographics that turn numbers into narratives. As a pitch deck design agency, we believe in showing, not just telling; hence, we transform your business data, market analysis, and financial projections into visual stories that are easy to understand and remember.

Iteration and refinement

Design is an iterative process. Feedback is sought and incorporated, ensuring that every element of the pitch deck is polished and perfected.

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Pitch deck design examples

Are you Pitch Ready?

Join our complementary fundraising strategy session and learn the methodology behind the best-selling book Investable Entrepreneur, an approach that results in founders being 40x more likely to raise investment.

Getting your business ready: Understanding Investment Readiness

Before you consider pitching your business to investors, you must first ensure that your business is indeed ready for investment – that it is ‘investment ready’.

Investment readiness refers to the state in which a startup or business has prepared itself to be an attractive prospect for investors. Being ‘investment ready’ means a founder has all the elements in place that investors look for when considering whether to commit funds to a business – including a compelling and articulate long-term vision statement.

There are investor readiness agencies for startups that can help businesses get ready for investment. We at Robot Mascot are one such company.

If you are seeking investment for your business and need help developing your long-term vision statement why not get in touch?

Let’s get you investor ready, and give you the very best chance of securing the vital funds you need to grow.

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