1-2-1 startup mentorship programme
developing the critical fundraising assets
you need to convince investors and
secure the vital funds needed for growth.


1-2-1 startup mentorship
programme developing the critical
fundraising assets you need to
convince investors and secure
the vital funds needed for growth.

Startup Mentorship Programme: Convince investors your business is the one to back

Through 1-2-1 mentoring, you’ll be guided to craft the three critical fundraising assets you need to convince investors – a believable business plan, credible financial projections and a persuasive pitch, so you’re in a much better position to secure the vital funds you need to grow. You’ll then be supported to develop and execute a targeted investor outreach strategy aimed at building relationships and delivering meaningful conversations.

PitchReady Sprint - investment readiness programme

I can honestly say your programme has been one of the best business investments I’ve ever made. Not only have I learned so much, but it has caused me to re-evaluate so many things, making my business stronger.


I can honestly say your programme has been one of the best business investments I’ve ever made. Not only have I learned so much, but it has caused me to re-evaluate so many things, making my business stronger.


Mentorship To Support Growth

In order to succeed, founders must demonstrate to investors that there are three things; that they are highly resourceful and able to get people to buy into their vision, that they understand the financial risks and rewards of investment, and that they understand how to achieve commercial success. Without demonstrating these three things, investors will not view you as an Investable Entrepreneur, and they will not invest.

By following our global-award-winning methodology, we develop Investable Entrepreneurs who are 40x more likely to receive the investment they need. Through our unique process, you’ll develop and refine your commercial strategy and document it in an investor-ready business plan, you’ll produce a credible set of financial projections that detail the financial risks and rewards at play, and you’ll articulate your vision through pitch materials that intrigue, excite and convince investors.

investment readiness programme

Are you Pitch Ready?

Join our complementary fundraising strategy session and learn the methodology behind the best-selling book Investable Entrepreneur, an approach that results in founders being 40x more likely to raise investment.

– How Our Mentorship works –

Getting you Pitch Ready

Through 1-2-1 support sessions, we’ll support and guide you to build and execute your critical fundraising assets and deliver an investment campaign that will have investors lining up. You’ll receive continuous advice and guidance from your mentor in between sessions, so you’re fully supported to make meaningful and actionable progress. 

Phase 1: The Investment Landscape

We’ll begin with a deep dive into your current investment assets and business case. We’ll explore the fundraising journey, your business valuation, the mind of an investor and the proof points you need to get their attention – giving you the very best chance they’ll back your business.

Phase 2: The Perfect Plan

This is all about refining your business strategy and framing your business case for investment. We’ll delve into the fundamentals of an investable business plan and guide you to identify the red flags and gaps that may hinder your progress with investors. By the end of this phase, you’ll have an investor-ready business plan that details your implementation strategy and documents how you’ll deliver investors a return on investment.

Phase 3: The Perfect Projections

Here we delve into the numbers. You’ll be guided to create a credible forecast of your business growth over the next five years. With 1-2-1 support and access to our investor-verified financial model, you’ll have everything you need to map out your income and expenditure, cash flow and balance sheet movements for the next five years – we’ll even guide you to create the metrics needed for investors to make an informed decision.

Phase 4: The Perfect Pitch

During this phase you’ll produce a set of convincing and compelling pitch materials that quickly and clearly explain to investors what makes your idea special, and why they should invest. With 1-2-1 guidance, content frameworks and premium pitch templates, you’ll create content that clearly articulates your value proposition and onboards investors into your vision, while also evidencing your strategy for delivering a return on their investment.

Phase 5: Investor Outreach

Next it’s all about preparing your investor outreach campaign. You’ll explore a tried and tested playbook for meeting, seeking and converting investors and get 1-2-1 advice on how to run a successful investor outreach campaign and quickly close a deal on the very best terms. You’ll receive continued support throughout your campaign, or for as long as you need, from the very first outreach to receiving the cash in the bank.

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About your mentor: James Church

James Church is the author of the Amazon best-selling book, Investable Entrepreneur: How to convince investors your business is the one to back, and co-founder and COO of Robot Mascot, the UKs leading pitch agency.

James has been featured on numerous industry blogs and podcasts, has run mentoring sessions at Tech Hub, Google Campus and Runway East, and delivered mastermind sessions for The Chartered Institute of Marketing, University College London and the University of East Anglia.

James speaks internationally at online and offline business events, conferences and accelerators, and appears on podcasts and in interviews.

What our clients say

I’m very impressed. As we’re bootstrapping, every penny spent is prioritised, but I really feel this has been one of the best things I’ve spent money on for any of my businesses. I’m now able to drive my business forward and the tools provided will be useful in the long term.

Adam Wood, Marzipan

Honestly… I am overwhelmed with how perfect the programme really is. You should charge more! I got funded at £443k in exchange for 5% equity – the results speak volumes. James’ detailed and well delivered style really suited my learning

Richard Hooper, Propfinium UK

I had attended several workshops run by James and was impressed by the level of expertise. This programme didn’t disappoint. It’s excellent, and one I would happily recommend to any entrepreneur looking to learn more about the mindset of the investor.

Tricia McNeilly, ötzibrew

I can honestly say this has been one of the best business investments I’ve ever made. Not only have I learned so much, but it has caused me to re-evaluate so many things, making my business stronger.

Karl Gjertsen, Golf Leagues

The best programme I’ve ever attended. James is meticulous in his delivery – you are investing in a process with hands-on support from James. The quality of templates and instructions were very high indeed and you walk away at the end with a high-quality set of assets and the confidence to seek investment.

Hutton Henry, Beyond M&A

Top five reasons our clients work with us

They’re missing the expertise to create their fundraising assets on their own

They’re struggling to set aside the time to focus on creating their fundraising assets

They’ve never raised investment before, and need some support and guidance

They realise that external support will increase their credibility

They’re not sure how to best prepare themselves for investment

Are you Pitch Ready?

Get a FREE assessment of your current investment readiness. Our PitchReadyTM Scorecard assesses your current ability to attract investment across three fundamental areas. You’ll even receive a bespoke 12-page report, completely free.

Get the book

Investable Entrepreneur takes you through our winning methodology – the process we use to increase our client’s chances of raising investment by more than 40x.

“This book will help you translate your entrepreneurial vision into something investors can get behind.”

Daniel Priestley, CEO and founder, Dent Global and four times best-selling business author

Mentorship FAQ

You’ll receive one live 1-hour session per month where you’ll discuss your strategy and progress. You’ll be guided to overcome challenges, unlock areas that are causing your progress to slow and push your business forward. You’ll then have continued access to your mentor’s inbox where they will provide ongoing support between sessions and even review and feedback on the investment materials created.

The sessions are delivered by James Church, author of the best-selling book Investable Entrepreneur. However, James’ capacity is limited so slots are delivered on a first-come-first-served basis and it’s not uncommon that you’ll first need to join a waiting list.

Sessions are delivered on Zoom, allowing us to support founders from all over the world. As a result, we’ve supported clients from Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia to raise investment.

In addition to the 1-2-1 sessions and continued support via private chat, we also give you access to premium asset templates to support the creation of your business plan, projections and pitch as well as 40+ step-by-step instructional videos guiding you in creating each fundraising asset. You’ll also receive access to a further 20+ supporting content and materials to support you more widely with your investment campaign and business development. Not only that, but you’ll also get access to our fortnightly drop-in clinics (additional group-based support sessions for all Robot Mascot clients) and our support community (a private forum exclusively for Robot Mascot clients to support each other, share insights and ask questions).

Should you decide to move forward with our startup mentoring programme a member of the team will first get you set up on our exclusive support portal. It is here that you’ll access all the resources and materials, as well as your private message thread with your mentor.

Absolutely! The 1-2-1 mentoring is designed to be flexible and go at your own pace. We have everything you need to get started including premium asset templates and over 40+ step-by-step instruction videos to make the process as easy as possible.

Absolutely! The 1-2-1 mentoring is designed to support you from wherever you are in the journey. The first step is to conduct a review of where you are with your existing materials, and then from there develop a bespoke action plan on how to move you forward towards your goals quickly.

Let’s get you pitch ready, and give you the very best chance of success.

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