Top Startup Advice Blogs
Top Startup Advice Blogs

Top startup advice blogs to follow as a startup founder

4th April 2019
There are plenty of blogs out there covering the startup ecosystem. The likes of TechCrunch, Inc., and Forbes instantly spring to mind. And while each of these blogs are great, they don’t always offer the practical advice and knowledge that founders are looking for. With that in mind, we’ve created our ultimate list of startup advice blogs that you should be following as a startup founder.

The Top startup advice blogs

  1. Robot Mascot
  2. Seed Legals
  3. Seedrs
  4. Startup Donut
  5. Foundr
  6. Just Entrepreneurs
  7. Tech in Asia
  8. Startup Mindset

Robot Mascot

Robot Mascot create expert content that covers startup branding, marketing and fundraising. Articles are written to give practical and actionable advice based on the most common problems startups have, gathered from their own personal experiences of working within the sector. They regularly feature guest articles from industry experts and each month their Startup Spotlight feature gives insight and advice directly from fellow startup founders. As well as practical advice, information and strategies, it offers a number of free downloads on their resource page.

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SeedLegals offer an extremely comprehensive blog, and they don’t just cover the legal side of things either. The blog is packed full of startup advice, funding guides, founder stories and deal data – as well as a whole section giving tips on how to meet investors – from “must attend” events, to list of the most active investors in locations across the UK.

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The Seedrs blog is split into three parts. Investors, Entrepreneurs and News. For startup founders, its’ the Entrepreneurs section which we feel is of most value. Under their tips and tricks category, they offer a range of great advice. They don’t just focus on crowdfunding either, they expand into startup PR and more general startup advice.

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Startup Donut

Unlike the previous three, which each focus on specialist areas, Startup Donut is a great choice for well-rounded coverage in many different areas of startup business. They cover many areas including business financing, tax, law, business planning, sales, marketing, HR and IT.

Their content does include sponsored posts, however, they make this clear at the end of the article, and mark any affiliate links in their content with an *. That said, it doesn’t detract from the quality and usefulness of their content.

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Foundr aims to be the go-to resource for founders at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey. Their blog covers digital marketing really well, but also touches on life-hacks, advice on starting a business and leadership tips. They also run a podcast with over 200 episodes that interview industry experts and startup founders.

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Just Entrepreneurs

Just Entrepreneurs is another well rounded blog with loads of great content for startup founders. Just Entrepreneurs feels a bit more “human” than Startup Donut and Foundr, perhaps because it’s smaller outfit. However, their size does not diminish from their great content. Their topics cover finance, growth and marketing, as well as interviews with startup founders and is made up of a range of regular and guest contributors.

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Tech in Asia

Now, it may seem a little odd to head over to an Asia specific blog for a UK startup. However, by accessing their “tips” category you can find some cracking content which will help you to grow your market and build your business.

If Asia is market of interest to your startup growth, then this is defiantly the blog for you, as you’ll also be able to keep up to date with relevant tech and startup news across 13 Asian markets.

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Startup Mindset

Startup mindset is a very established blog, and covers a large range of topics for startups. Their website is not the best looking and can feel a bit crowded, but if you bear with it, we think their “Find Your Way” category is particularly useful for early stage founders. It covers many of the things you’ll need to know in the early stages of starting, running, and growing a business.

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