Zend passionately believes that easy access to your own money is a basic human need. They’re out to make possible a solution that makes sending money fast, safe and free, but also at zero cost to our planet.


  • Strategic Advice

  • Pitch Structure

  • Pitch Content

  • Pitch Design

The Result

“I wasn’t sure what an investor would want to see from me when pitching for investment and was unclear on the ideal structure for a pitch deck, the information to include in each slide and the appropriate wording that would represent our business accurately.”

“The Robot Mascot team was available to support the development of the pitch, which was really great. They combined their experience with the material I provided, and the final outcome is really good.”

“My business case is now more credible, and as a result I feel more confident and my chances of raising investment have increased. Robot Mascot’s work has provided a solid base for my presentations and delivered ideas on how to present the business – these pitch assets will be useful well beyond the investment.”

Faraz Khan, Founder, Zend Worldwide Limited

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