Tourmake’s VR tour building software allows users to quickly and simply create virtual and interactive tours of their products and locations.


  • Business Plan

  • Financial Projections

  • Pitch Deck

  • Valuation

The Result

“As soon as I started working on the first funding round, I realised I needed help with the business plan structure, the pitch deck content and design. In addition, I wanted to find an accountant to help me with the financial projections.” 

“I have spent years working with investors and I know they are extremely picky when it comes to investing in a startup. I knew Robot Mascot was the right solution from the very beginning.”

“We invested in the three packages they offer (business plan, pitch deck and financial projections) and I have already received great feedback from some investors. The service Robot Mascot offers is simply superlative! In all honesty, not even one mistake or imperfection. It’s very detailed and covers every single aspect of your business. What I liked the most is that they are not simply writing what you want, but they help you understand and refine what investors need to know about your company.” 

“I am astonished by how quick and professional the team is. They completed everything in a few weeks and continuously updated me. James, the COO, is very skilled, accurate and patient. He helped us understand what is vital for a successful funding round and he keeps advising us on what to do next.”

“Thanks to Robot Mascot, I saved a massive amount of time and I am now sure I have everything I need to secure investment. I am so happy about the result that I will soon start working again with Robot Mascot on another business I’m seeking funding for.”

Adriano Antimi, CEO, Tourmake

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