Pedal takes the worry out of motoring. Pedal keeps track of wear and tear, re-orders consumables, finds the cheapest fuel, reminds you of MOT and insurance renewals and much more. It is the smart assistant that frees motorists from managing their vehicle maintenance.


  • Business Plan

  • Financial Projections

  • Pitch Deck

  • Valuation

The Result

“Because of the complexity of our product and business model, we had found it difficult to find someone with enough knowledge of the product offering and be able to translate that into a meaningful conversation with our potential investors.”

“The Robot Mascot team is exceptional at what they bring—both as individuals and collectively as a team. They are, in my eyes, people who really care about you raising investment and are not just saying it.”

“The result was just brilliant—that’s really all I can say. If you care about getting backed, then this team is for you, hands down.”

Richard Eaton, Founder, Pedal

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