In UK, 8.39 million people are likely to require mental health support, but they face stigma and a lack of formal support. MyBubble is a free mental health app that allows users to track their moods, upload care plans, and, most importantly, find support from their own bubble of close friends, family, and mental health professionals.


  • Business Plan

  • Financial Projections

  • Pitch Deck

  • Valuation

The Result

“I believed I was ready to raise seed investment, however I lacked the expertise and experience to construct pitch assets, projections and an informed business plan that conveyed the right message to investors.

“I approached Robot Mascot after being recommended their service and reading James’ book Investable Entrepreneur. The experience of working with Robot Mascot was great and I know that I could not have done the Financial Projections and Pitch Deck to a similar level on my own. I’m now feeling confident ahead of my funding round.

“I’m incredibly happy and confident that I have everything required to put my best foot forward when pitching to investors.

“Not only will it help in terms of seeking investment, but these will also be core assets for onboarding senior employees and non-executive directors. More importantly, they are my baseplate and strategy that I’ll be referring to in order to fulfil MyBubble’s vision.”

Qasim Armstrong, Founder, MyBubble

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