Hubb is the first of its kind, a broker service offering radical transparency through new technology that erodes costs through data and automation, delivering 40% profits to shareholders.


  • Business Plan

  • Financial Projections

  • Pitch Deck

  • Valuation

The Result

“When we approached Robot Mascot, we were struggling to create a cohesive deck, business plan and financial plan for our £20m Series A round that told the same story in a logical fashion. As a result of Robot Mascot’s service, we now have quality documentation that will increase our chances of raising investment.”

“Not only do we have the assets we need, but the process has given us more confidence, increased our potential for business growth and improved our credibility when pitching for investment.”

“We’re really happy with the end result, and would highly recommend their support to other founders.”

Edward Halsey, Co-Founder, Hubb

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