Single parents experience parenthood very differently from those in a relationship. The experience can feel lonely with a lack of support and negative social stigma. Single mum, Zoe Desmond, has created a social network where like-minded single parents can connect, share and support one another.

The Need

Zoe was passionate about her idea and had incredible social proof having grown an extremely active Facebook and Instagram community into the thousands. However, turning this idea into an investable business case was a struggle. She was passionate about supporting her growing community, not about creating business plans and projections.

The Result

We helped Frolo develop a compelling pitch that not only expressed her vision and purpose but clearly defined and articulated an investable business case. Backed up by a credible business plan and realistic financial projections, Zoe had all the assets she needed to convince investors and she soon secured the vital investment she required.

We’ve since worked with Zoe across a number of successful investment rounds raising millions in funding from Angels and Venture Capital firms in the process. We’re thrilled to see the Frolo concept and brand go from strength to strength.

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