eCERTO will transform the financial performance of capital projects across industries.

The power of data science and technology will transform the way capital projects are planned and executed. By bringing digital transformation to the commercial strategies of capital projects, eCERTO will save clients billions.


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The Result

“We were preparing both a Pre-Seed and Seed round and we were looking for help to create a clear pitch. We considered both SlideBean and Robot Mascot but chose the team at Robot Mascot because they seemed better connected to the UK investment community and it felt like a more personalised offering – which it turned out to be.”

“Some members of the team thought we could do a pitch on our own, and we probably could have. But looking back, we can say with certainty that the quality would not have been the same and it would have taken us much longer.”

“The service delivered was great – we valued the process almost as much as the pitch itself. The PitchPrep platform was very good. It forced us to do a lot of strategic thinking and to be succinct, which we usually really struggle with.”

“The presentation and the slides were great, and the entire process was very good. We’d happily recommend to other founders. We’re even considering re-engaging for further services such as support around our financial projections for our Seed round.”

“The pitch delivered has enabled us to have a clear message with professional collateral to communicate our vision and business model to investors and others.”

Roberto Estaba, Marketing Director, eCERTO

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