Working with Robot Mascot gave me clarity around my USPs, focus on my customer fit and the ability to articulate my idea better.

Matt Leipnik, Founder, Chalk Circle

Cyber attacks cost the British Industry an estimated £34 billion a year and entrepreneur Matt Leipnik had a solution with his Cyber Security technology start-up Chalk Circle.

The Need

Matt was struggling to articulate his brilliant cyber security technology to investors. He tended to over explain his idea using jargon no-one other than a fellow cyber security whizz could understand. In a pitch situation, the last reaction he wanted from potential investors was for them to switch off, zone out and pull the ‘zombie stare’.

How We Helped

We provided ongoing advice and support to Matt during the research and development phase of his business, helping him to understand his market, define his USP and discover his product/market fit. When he was ready to seek investment, we helped structure, write and design his pitch deck.

The Result

We gave the Chalk Circle pitch deck a competitive edge. Through our process we were able to express Matt’s innovative idea clearly, succinctly and in a language that inspired and excited investors. We structured the pitch so the core business model was clear to investors and presented them with key decision making factors.

‘I had a pool of information and ideas that I hadn’t been able to articulate very well at all. Working with Robot Mascot helped me develop my product offering, gave me clarity around my products USP’s, focus on my customer fit and the ability to articulate my idea better. It’s been a really fruitful process and great progress was made.’

– Matt Leipnik, Founder, Chalk Circle

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