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Adam Rous, Founder, Call The Builders

Entrepreneur Adam Rous wanted to tell investors about his latest app idea Call The Builders.

The Need

Adam knew from previous pitch attempts that he was over complicating the communication, and investors were finding it hard to grasp what made his idea unique. He also knew that their existing pitch deck was over confusing, cluttered and did little to inspire confidence in potential investors.

How We Helped

Through our process we were able to identify the core product USPs and clearly explain these benefits to investors. We helped to identify their core market and by taking relevant insights from their business plan were able to clearly demonstrate an attractive investment

The Result

We helped Adam structure the pitch deck, articulate the company vision and improve the flow of communication, this meant he could offer a more succinct explanation of the business. Adam was not only able to clearly explain the Call The Builders app concept but could convince on how it could scale and why it was a great idea to invest.

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