7 Ways to Blossom in Business Without a College Degree

19th March 2021
Many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs have never earned a college degree. While there are benefits to getting an MBA or another type of business degree, it’s not the only path to greatness. With a wealth of resources at your disposal, unconventional learning is now more accessible than ever. All you really need is passion, discipline, a hunger for learning, and the capacity to think outside the box.

As an investment readiness agency, Robot Mascot thrives on helping our clients and readers find business success. So, we thought it appropriate to provide some tips on how to make the most of your entrepreneurship when you don’t have that degree under your belt.

Understand why you don’t need college

Earning an MBA can help you acquire valuable knowledge and skills when it comes to leadership and management in business. But launching and managing a successful business requires a superior work ethic, good decision-making, perseverance, and a knack for selling your idea, among other qualities. You won’t learn these in school.

Another thing to consider is that the money you put toward business school tuition could be used to get your first venture off the ground. And actually going through the process of starting and running a business is the most valuable experience you can have. So, in many ways, the earlier you start trying, the faster you will be able to grow as an entrepreneur.

Read… a lot

If you plan to teach yourself about business, dedicate plenty of time to reading. Read everything you can get your hands on, whether it’s a paperback, ebook, article, statistical study, or any other kind of written material. If you have dyslexia or struggle to read for other reasons, listen to tons of audiobooks and podcasts.

Get a consultant

Along with getting life experience by running a business, meeting with a consultant is one of the best things you can do to move your entrepreneurship forward. The greatest business consultants have experience with starting and running a business themselves; oftentimes, they’ve been involved with several businesses. Tapping into their expertise and applying their advice can do wonders for your entrepreneurial journey.

These days, it’s simple to find a reputable business consultant. By looking at online job platforms, you can choose from a large pool of candidates and compare costs, delivery times, and client reviews. It can also be beneficial to hire an agency like Robot Mascot, particularly when it comes time to seek funding. We can help you develop a top-notch pitch for investors through visual storytelling, written content, business plans, financial projections, and more.

Take courses

Just because you’re not enrolled at a university doesn’t mean you can’t take college-level courses in business. Sites like Udacity, Coursera, and edX are a great resource for finding a wealth of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). These courses cover a wide range of business topics — from leadership to operations management to financial accounting — managed by college professors. You can even create your own schedule based on the curriculums and credit requirements of the nation’s best business schools.

Identify your passions

Business is hard. Those who don’t have a passion for what they do rarely see long-term success. Chances are you’ll need to put in long hours and navigate countless challenges throughout your entrepreneurial journey. Loving your job and having a clear vision of what you want can go a long way in motivating you to persevere in hard times.

Along with being passionate about your business in general, it’s also critical to identify specific parts of your business that you love the most. For example, do you thrive on doing creative projects, or do you prefer the administrative and financial side of the business? Understanding where your passions lie will make it easier for you to determine which tasks and projects to hire out so that you can focus on what you enjoy and do best.

Never stop learning

All of the best entrepreneurs remain eager to learn each and every day. You can always improve in at least one area, and you’ll never know all there is to know. So, even when things are going your way and you’re experiencing more success than you ever dreamed possible, seek to learn more. Keep a leadership and management book on your bedside table. Listen to business podcasts on your daily runs. Keep up to date with industry conferences that you can attend. And constantly ask for advice and guidance from your mentors.

Take disappointments in stride

Finally, know that you will be disappointed on your entrepreneurial journey. You will face failures and obstacles. But don’t quit on your vision. Break down every mistake you make, and assess how you can better approach a particular situation or take a different action the next time around.

Disappointment is an opportunity to grow stronger and more determined. Take advantage of such moments and keep pushing forward, working harder, and learning more than the rest.

There’s nothing wrong with pursuing a formal education, but don’t think that it’s the only way you can become a successful entrepreneur. Countless business owners and executives around the world have proven that. Find something you’re passionate about, stay hungry to learn in whatever ways you need to, and take advantage of the guidance offered by others who have been there before. And you’ll be well on your way to forging a thriving career in business.

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