Who we are_

Robot Mascot is a full-service creative agency.

We help small and medium sized businesses engage customers with design and communication that stands out. We do this through a mix of graphic design, website design, copywriting, brand development, digital marketing and advertising.

Based in Norwich we deliver design-led communication projects, brand development and advertising campaigns.

Our mission is simple.

To strengthen and enhance our clients’ brands, reputations and business performance with powerful ideas, strong communication and smart campaign strategies.

Our Approach_

We are ideas led.

Our proven creative approach has been applied to a diverse range of clients, media and sectors and is always informed by the specifics of each project.

We use cutting-edge methods but employ a traditional way of working. Honed through years of experience at top 10 design, digital and advertising agencies, our approach always starts with a research phase.

We become experts on each client’s business, allowing us to develop engaging brand-building campaigns that effectively communicate a given brand or product message to the target audience.

Creativity is at our core.

Every project we undertake has vision at its heart. We are meticulous in developing ideas that attract attention and stimulate demand.

We like to plan ahead.

Our campaign strategies help businesses better understand their market environment, spot opportunities and take appropriate action.

Battling the banal.

We pride ourselves in ensuring each and every idea is beautifully conveyed and appropriately translated across every channel.

Our People_

A team of specialists.

We are a small team of advertising and marketing specialists with a background in the arts – painters, designers, developers, creative writers and brand strategists.

Our in-house team works with a network of leading photographers, illustrators, cinematographers, sound engineers and stylists to ensure our clients can access a range of talent through a single agency.

Our Territory_

Where we operate.

We deliver bespoke design and communication projects to businesses in a number of UK regions, including London, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire.

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Robot Mascot Battling the Banal