Project Description



“Visitors now understand much more about our brand, our products and what it is we stand for.”

Charlie Sorell, Marketing Manager, Teknomek

Teknomek produce highly engineered hygienic furniture and equipment for the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

The Need

Teknomek had an outdated e-commerce website. They knew that improving user experience, and focusing communication around brand values and USPs, would increase awareness and conversion.

How We Helped

Working closely with Teknomek, we drew out their brand values, USPs and customer segments. Our designs ensured content hierarchy took users on a journey, where they could quickly absorb the Teknomek values. Users were encouraged to engage with interactive product visuals, to learn what makes them unique.

The Result

The new design put Teknomek a step ahead of their competitors. Visitors now understood much more about their brand, products and what they stood for. Since the launch, Teknomek has seen an increase in the number of orders and an even more significant increase in order value.

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Teknomek Website Design
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