The challenge most entrepreneurs face when trying to raise money is that they don’t know what investors are looking for. Even when they do, they often struggle to communicate their value in a way that investors understand.

Find out in less than 5 minutes if your business would catch an investor’s interest and money. Our free PitchReady™ Scorecard is proven to work and it’s 100% tailored to your business.

  • It’s a completely free tool – £0 required

  • Proven to work time & time again

  • Results & report are 100% tailored to you

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4 minutes is all you get

On average, an investor sees up to 10 pitch decks a day and spends just 4 minutes reviewing each one. That’s 10 business owners just like you, all vying for crucial investor cash that will help them grow through to their next chapter. Despite all the opportunities presented to them, the average Angel Investor makes just two investments per year, while VC’s back just one in every 150 deals they see. In times like we’re in now, founders are presented with more opportunities than ever, but at the same time investors will be more cautious and more risk averse than they’ve ever been.

Too many great ideas fail, purely because entrepreneurs don’t know how to pitch their brilliant idea in a way that will convince investors. You only have one shot to get it right – see if you’re ready with the PitchReady™ Scorecard.

We’ll score your business, focusing on these three core elements.
At the end, we’ll send you a FREE, tailored report:


Your ability to communicate with clarity and enrol investors into your vision.


Your ability to demonstrate you understand the financial risk and rewards.


Your ability to show the steps you’ll take to achieve commercial success.

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Yes, it really will and here’s why: raising investment isn’t that easy, just 1% of founders successfully raise investment from Angel and VC investment combined. This is made even harder if it’s your first time doing it. With our PitchReady™ Scorecard, we’ll ask you a range of key questions that will allow us to clearly outline what you need to do next.

We’ll lay it all out simply and easily across three core areas which will instantly assist you to build a better pitch, polish your message, improve your credibility, and ultimately… get you the deal.


Access our 6-part video series for free, “The Perfect Pitch Route Map” after you complete your scorecard.

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Who we are

We’re Robot Mascot

We’re the UK’s leading agency for supporting entrepreneurs to convince investors, bringing in vital funding they need to grow. The challenge for most entrepreneurs is that they’re very good at what they do – but a lot of the time they don’t understand how to translate that to an investor. We assist you to extract all the vital pieces of information from your business and create for you the perfect fundraising pack. Our clients find that they’re quickly securing the crucial funding they need without the stress, mess and confusion.


Robot Mascot’s pitch services are vital. I see around ten pitches a week, and for me, it’s the communication of the idea that ultimately decides whether I invest or not.

Dr Ash Patel, Investment Manager

Mercia Technologies PLC

George Davis
Founder, Prosper BI

With help from Robot Mascot, I was able to secure all my funding after just one pitch. Not only that… I was offered twice as much investment as I was asking for. Robot Mascot’s services are invaluable for start-ups – the results speak for themselves.

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Let’s increase your ability to raise investment.

If you haven’t filled out your scorecard yet, then the chances are you’re still weighing up if this is actually worth your time. With the state of the world right now, it has never been more vital that you have all the assets you need to convince prospective investors. The PitchReady™ Scorecard is that first step to making sure you have the competitive edge you need.

Even at this time, our clients are still closing investment rounds, and many are ‘oversubscribed’ with more investors committed than they actually need. This is all because they have the right fundraising assets in place.

Less than 5 minutes of your time is all we need to be able to give you the vital information you require to better convince investors. Our handy tool will give you the key insights you need to massively increase your ability to raise investment.

On top of getting a completely tailored-to-your-business report, we’re also giving you our 6-part video mini-series called The Perfect Pitch Route Map – you’ll get access to it right after we send you your report. And it’s all completely free.

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Adam Rous
Founder, Call The Builders

I was in a position to start fundraising for my software, and the Robot Mascot team really helped me articulate my product better. By placing everything in my head down in a logical manner I was able to describe my product much easier to investors and early adopters.