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Advertising services from Robot Mascot in Norwich and London
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We have a long-term passion for
Creative advertising. Our campaigns include
Video, radio, outdoor and direct mail

Our campaigns are more than just advertising. They are brand-building and communication strategies that can carry your message across as many platforms as you need. We can help build your brand reputation both online and offline and increase sales by convincing customers wherever they may be.

Robot Mascot has a wealth of experience. We’ve worked on small, bespoke, fashion and retail campaigns, helped charities get their message across and enhanced some well-known brands. We work in most media, including video, radio, outdoor and direct mail.

From our offices in London and Norwich we work closely with you to develop an advertising campaign that highlights your unique selling point (USP) and expresses your brand in the most compelling way possible

We approached Robot Mascot to produce an integrated creative campaign strategy to help usgrow our social enterprise, so we had more money to invest in our charitable activity. Their unique creative approach resulted in a 100% increase in sales.

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TV Advertising

TV and Cinema Advertising

TV advertising was once reserved for brands with big budgets. But times have changed; we can now offer TV advertising to businesses of all sizes. Using the latest technology it is now possible to deliver campaigns to a highly targeted audience – meaning media spend is reduced and results are increased.

As with every project, Robot Mascot starts by gaining an understanding of your business goals and target market. This allows our creative team to develop a compelling TV commercial – based on a solid creative idea – that resonates and engages with your audience. Our expert team have been involved with a number of successful commercials over the years and have delivered incredible results.

Robot Mascot can cover everything from developing the script, sketching the storyboard, casting actors, organising hair, make-up and costumes as well as shooting, directing and editing the commercial. On top of this, we can also help segment your TV audience and purchase the relevant media space – whether it's programmatic or traditional TV advertising media.

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Outdoor Advertising

Out-of-Home and Poster

Out-of-home and poster advertising creates a huge impact and can be used in isolation or as part of a wider campaign. It may be surprising to hear, but outdoor advertising is actually growing; this is largely due to its high prominence, with the audience not having to do anything to access it. They don’t have to turn a page, tune in or visit a website. Our creative team will develop a campaign design that will make your brand stand out.

As one of the least intrusive forms of advertising, billboard and poster campaigns are great at creating brand awareness amongst a mass audience. And yet, by carefully selecting the locations of your adverts – such as on certain trains, within sports stadiums or on the side of the road in selected neighbourhoods – outdoor advertising can also be very targeted.

Most importantly for this form of advertising your message has to be told quickly and understood in seconds – our creative team use all their experience in advertising – gained at some of the UK’s top advertising agencies – to develop campaign ideas that will not only sell your brand, product or service but also provoke a response, get noticed and resonate with the audience. They work tirelessly to achieve all this with nothing more than a headline and an image.

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Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising has a number of unique features that make it fantastic at communicating your brand, product or service. It’s low avoidance rate and its relationship with other media such as TV and direct mail make it a great platform to use as part of a wider campaign. But equally its relationship with Internet search makes it a viable advertising method in isolation. For example, 57% of listeners say they have “checked things out on the internet after just hearing about them on the radio” and 39% state that “radio ads have prompted me to search for something on the internet”.

Much like a TV campaign, a radio commercial has to capture attention, engage, persuade, and have a clear call to action to follow. However unlike TV it cannot rely on visuals – this is where creative ideas, well-written scripts, sound effects and voiceovers come into their own.

Using a combination of these elements a Robot Mascot radio campaign will create a memorable, engaging scene in the minds-eye that will be remembered by your audience, prompting them to give you a call, look at your website or visit your store. Much like all our advertising services we can help with the campaign creative, scripting, production and direction as well as purchasing the media space. Or, if you prefer, we can offer these elements in isolation.

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Door Drop Advertising

Door Drops

Door drops are a great way of giving your brand a physical presence in the home. They are read, shared and often kept – in order to refer back to when decisions are made about household purchases. Myths around door drops suggest most are put straight in the bin, however research carried out by Illuminas and Trinity McQueen in 2014 states that 92% of people read door drops that are delivered to their homes and on average a door drop stays in the home for 38 days.

That said, the very best results are seen by those companies that invest in a powerful idea, supported with beautiful design and well-written copy. This combination engages the audience and persuades them to take action and Robot Mascot’s creative team ensure your door drop campaign does exactly that.

As with all our advertising services we can provide them in isolation, or if required we can assist with the campaign planning – from segmentation and targeting through to organising the print and campaign delivery.

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Online Video Advertising

Online video advertising is an important part of the digital marketing mix, especially considering website visitors are 144% more likely to purchase after watching a product video. In addition, YouTube is now the second largest search engine. Using creative techniques, Robot Mascot help engage website visitors and increase online conversions.

Online videos work because film is the only form of advertising that combines both image and audio. Invoking both these senses leads to higher engagement rates and is therefore much more effective at selling your brand, product or service than any other channel in isolation.

That said, a video still relies on a great idea and incredible story telling in order to achieve these high engagement figures, sell your brand and resonate with your audience. As an advertising agency we will ensure your video does exactly that, and in doing so will deliver everything from the creative concept right through to production and delivery.

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Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a great method for advertising your products or services to an existing customer database. However, it is also possible to purchase a pre-existing highly targeted database – especially in B2B markets. At Robot Mascot we help you develop a creative campaign that will engage and resonate with your carefully selected audience, we can even assist with the print and delivery of the campaign.

Unlike other forms of advertising direct mail allows the targeting of specific people with a personalised message. This can make it very cost effective and extremely powerful at generating sales and increasing brand loyalty. However the key to creating a successful direct mail campaign is a great idea.

As an advertising agency our team are well versed in using the powers of creative copywriting, engaging ideas and beautiful design to help drive a high response rate. Over the years they have created direct mail campaigns that have received record-breaking response rates.

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Newspaper Advertising

Press and Magazine Advertising

The death of the printed word has long been predicted – but this has certainly been exaggerated. People still read newspapers and magazines, welcoming their arrival on the doormat. Magazine advertising is a great way to reach a very targeted audience, while advertising in local newspapers offers the chance to reach large numbers of people in a specific area. As with all advertising the key to success is engaging your audience with your message.

Unlike out-of-home and poster advertising, or digital display ads, printed advertisements are able to convey larger amounts of information – although it’s important this information is appealing to read and retains audience attention. Equally magazine adverts can be used to create impact on the turn of a page.

Using a combination of creative ideas, engaging design and intriguing copy, Robot Mascot are able to produce magazine and press advertising that both inform and engage while creating the necessary impact to make your brand stand out. If required we can also help select the titles that will reach your audience, purchase the media space and the give advice on the size and frequency of the adverts.

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Online Advertising

Online advertising covers a wide range of services and they are all, in a creative sense, digital versions of the services already mentioned above – for example ‘Display Ads’ or ‘Social Media Advertising’ are approached in the same way as poster, magazine and press adverting. Similarly ‘e-mail marketing’ uses the same creative mythology as Direct Mail. Therefore, when creating digital advertising, the Robot Mascot creative team use the fundamental principles of advertising and apply them to the digital arena – allowing us to run integrated campaigns that span both online and offline channels.

Working alongside our digital marketing experts, the Robot Mascot creative team apply the same methods used in traditional advertising, which result in highly engaging off-line campaigns, to the digital space. With the digital advertising arena becoming highly competitive in recent years, it’s more important than ever to invest in creativity and design that will ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Using Robot Mascot for a digital advertising campaign doesn’t only mean we’ll write and design adverts that engage and convert – we’ll also help deliver your adverts to a targeted audience – depending on who they are and where they go, we’ll place your adverts on the relevant blogs, websites and social media sites.

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