Art Catalogue Design - Cover. The End
Art Catalogue Design - Spread. The End
The End: Fifteen Endings to Fifteen Piantings – Book Jacket and Book Block Design
Wine Bottle Designs and Wine Label Designs - The End
Website Design - The End

The End: Fifteen Endings to Fifteen Paintings is a collaborative art project that explores the nature of ‘endings’. Fifteen paintings, depicting ‘the end’, by our creative director Nicolas Ruston, have inspired fifteen short stories.

Robot Mascot were proud to support the project and designed a number of key materials including point of sale collateral at exhibitions, the artists catalogue, project website and a book containing short stories. In addition we also designed bespoke labels for the exclusive, award winning, wine available at the launch of the exhibition.

As part of the catalogue design we commissioned dramatic photography of the artist as well as shots of the artworks themselves.

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