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Heretics Logo Design
Heretics Brand Bible Design – Vision
Heretics Brand Bible Design – Mission
Expressing the brand visually
Heretics Style Concept – Embrace Bold
Embrace Bold Mood Board
Heretics Style Concept – Truth Seeker
Thruth Seeker Mood Board

Robot Mascot designed and wrote a brand bible for the fashion brand Heretics, including the development of their brand identity along with a design style guide. The brand book provided guidance on their look and feel and tone of voice as well as defining their core values. The brand bible also featured direction on spiritual values such as attitude and lifestyle as well as practical elements to express the brand visually through a series of themes and devices such as logos and graphic elements.

We developed a number of design routes that formed the various ranges and collections, themes included: ‘Visionary Rebellion’ and ‘Truth Seeker’. Key slogans formed much of their iconography - inspired by statements scrawled on the walls by activists and written on the flesh of mavericks. A graphic language was developed, unique emblems symbols and motifs portrayed ideas that unpacked metaphors within the Heretics ethos.

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