Product Photography - Academy Costumes

Madonna Dress from Evita
Rat Mask Prop for Costume Ball – The Wolfman
Headpiece prop from The Producers Stage Musical
Shoes worn my Geri Halliwell – Spice Girls World Tour
Mighty Boosh Jacket worn my Noel Fielding

Costume and prop photography, including art direction and re-touching as part of a wider brand development project for international costumier Academy Costumes London. The pieces were photographed to provide a permanent record that commemorates the exciting work carried out by Academy over the years.

Picture credits

  • Dress worn by Madonna - 'Evita' (1996)
  • Mask prop for costume ball - 'The Wolfman' (2010)
  • Headpiece prop - 'The Producers' (stage musical)
  • Shoes worn by Geri Halliwell - Spice Girls World Tour
  • Jacket worn by Noel Fielding – 'The Mighty Boosh' (2004–2007)

Categories: Photography | Brand Development | Art Direction